What You Can And Cannot Do In Jamaica

Despite what you may have heard, not everything illegal in the U.S. is legal in Jamaica. However, there are some rules that are a little more lax. Taking an all-inclusive Jamaican vacation should be more about relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds of this island country, rather than getting into things that might not be wise to do. Still, if you are particularly curious about what is and is not allowed, here are some tips.

Eighteen-Year-Olds Can Drink

Yes, if you are eighteen with a valid ID, you can drink. There are lots of rum plantations and tours that might interest you if you are old enough, want to learn more about how rum is made, and want to sample some authentic Jamaican rum. It is, after all, the nation's iconic drink, and one you can find regardless of where you stay during your vacation. There are even some restaurants that use the different rums in recipes, so be sure to sample those as well.

Ganja Is Not Legal

While it may be funny to imagine the whole "Bob Marley in a Rastafarian hat smoking Ganja weed" thing, the truth is that ganja, or marijuana, is not legal in Jamaica. It is no more legal here than it is in most parts of the United States. Yes, there are marijuana farms and growers, and yes, you can smoke it in private, but most hotels and resorts will call the police if they smell it in your room or spot it in your room. Your best bet is to leave the stuff alone, as it is not worth creating an international incident just to recreate some stereotypical image of what it means to be Jamaican.

There Are Nude Beaches

There are nude beaches and nude resorts. Most of these excursions are booked through a different sort of travel agency. However, you can take a side trip for the day to a nude beach/resort if you want to. Most of the time, it is just about being nude and not much else. Only adults age 18 and up are allowed on these beaches, so leave the kids at home or leave them at the hotel/resort with a nanny or sitter if you want to explore a nude beach in Jamaica. Also, it is advisable to leave lasciviousness behind you; the "nude culture" is not about sex, but about being "au naturel." 

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