Turn Your Disney Vacation Into an Educational Experience

If you are like most parents, you are concerned about getting the best education for your kids. Unfortunately, you cannot count on the schools to do it alone. You have to be actively involved in the educational process.

Of course, this is all easier said than done. When do you ever have time?

Well, you can use family vacations as opportunities to teach. For example, visiting a Disney theme park or resort is a good chance to provide instruction about business.

To help you better decide just what to teach, following are some ways a Disney vacation can present valuable learning experiences.

Teach Big Business Operations

You can begin by discussing how big business corporations operate. Walt Disney, the entrepreneur, began an empire beyond comparison. Explore the history of this company.

Also, show the kids all the amusement parks, studios and resorts that fall under the current Disney banner.

Of course, do not forget to talk about how Disney has positioned itself to remain successful throughout the 21st century by acquiring the Star Wars franchise.

Teach Marketing Success

Next, be sure to explore the issue of brand imaging. Disney has succeeded by making its name known and respected around the world. In fact, on most lists of top visited tourist sites, Disney attractions are right there.

After all these years, the name still exudes a magical quality. While other companies have taken serious hits to their reputations, Disney is a marketing success.

Teach the Value of Originality

To do well in any profession, your children will have to develop original concepts. Nobody wants the same old-same old. You must be unique.

Walt Disney had an original idea when he developed Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, in the 1950s. He conceived of a place where people get to forget all their worries.

Disney parks and resorts were, and remain, fantasy worlds blending the themes of a happy past and bright future. Teach your kids how this idea was the key to long term viability in a competitive travel market.

Teach Respect for Diversity

Last, but not least, you can use Disney as a diversity teaching tool. Your kids will see people from all over the world at Disney parks and resorts. Explain to them that from the very beginning Walt Disney abhorred racial segregation and ensured that all had access to his parks.

Your kids will learn that having respect for other cultures can be both uplifting and good for business.

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